Are You Tired of Breakdowns and Ready for Breakthroughs?
Learn the Top 10 Mistakes That Cause Leadership Breakdowns.
The world is changing fast. Old styles of leadership don't work anymore. If you are serious about being the most effective leader you can be, then you need to make a shift.
The secret to stopping breakdowns is to become a conscious leader. Conscious leaders are productive, highly engaging, make better decisions, and achieve better results.
Are you ready to uncover, discover your authenticity and shine as the unique leader you’re meant to be?
The Top 10 Mistakes That Cause A Leader To Break Down
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Eric Kaufmann is known as a change-maker among executives from Silicon Valley, to Wall Street and Main Street. His clients include Dr. Bronner’s, Facebook, SDG&E, Sony, Sunpower, Verizon, and Circle. These leaders attest how they reached what they thought was their edge of achievement, only to be guided by Eric to unlock their next, out of sight, and unrealized potential.

Eric’s work is a unique blend of more than two decades of business results with three decades of Zen training. He is a Fellow and Thought Leader at Harvard’s Institute of Coaching. He mentors and coaches CEOs and executives through leadership, strategic, relationship, and life changes and challenges. He guides leaders to breakthroughs that resolve leadership breakdown.

Eric is the author of his newest book Leadership Breakdown: How Conscious Leaders Generate Breakthroughs That Enrich Business and the World as well as The Four Virtues of a Leader: Navigating the Hero’s Journey through Risk to Results. His books teach the mindsets and skills that conscious leaders embody as they navigate uncertainty and anxiety to achieve success. 

Eric is a speaker for TEDx and draws insight and expertise from two decades of coaching leaders, management roles at Fortune 100 firms, degrees in business and psychology, thirty years of Zen practice, living in Israel and South Africa, teaching as a Master Scuba Diving instructor, working as a certified hypnotherapist, and meditating in a year-long retreat in an isolated cabin he built high up in the mountains.

Eric Kaufmann

Executive Mentor and Sage
Author of Leadership Breakdown

It’s Really Very Simple.
Eric Kaufmann
Once you understand which mistakes you’re repeating, you can move beyond them (turning breakdowns into breakthroughs), and become the truly effective leader that you long to be - and that your people would love you to be.

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"The Top 10 Mistakes That Cause A Leader To Break Down" and get ready to shift from leadership breakdowns to leadership breakthroughs!

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